The Greenery, a wedding events place is a hub for any special occasion. It has three theme-based venues that can accommodate the creativity of the bride and groom in creating their perfect event. The three venues are: pavilion, lighthouse and open garden.

The pavilion has a grand ballroom for an elegant setting. The lighthouse is located by the river for couples that like the water and a cool breeze for their big day. The open garden has a vast open space that can accommodate any gathering with a long guest list.

The Greenery, formerly known as TGI Pavilion started in 2001 with only one venue. After years of operation, it has grown to be a full- blown resort that caterers specifically to the bride-and-groom-to-be.

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Robert Leonardo and Rhea Bernardo “The very first moment I set my foot on the grounds of the Greenery, I told myself that this is the place my fiancé and I would celebrate our special day with our families and friends. You will love the place as you will love more your partner in life and love”.

Decinie Villacorta & Vanessa Vargas “ Cool, ang ganda ng venue…solemn talaga…I will never forget this day. Thank you so much, I am happy to be part of your venue in Greenery”.

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