How do I book a wedding at The Greenery?

You need to book and blocked your preferred date by paying the reservation fee of  Php 25,000. The fee is non refundable, non transferable but deductible to the total cost.

What do I need to know before contacting our banquet manager?

You should have your working budget, estimated number of guests, choice of church and a date. If possible choose an alternate date in case your first choice is not available.

When should I reserve my wedding date?

December and January are the busiet months. Wedding should be tentatively booked 12 months in advance of your wedding date (based upon availability).

When is the best time to get married in The Greenery?

Any time is a good time to get married in The Greenery, typically November thru May are the busiest months for weddings.

When will I receive my marriage certificate?

If the ceremony will be held at The Greenery, we will provide the certificate as soon as the details of the wedding are finalized.

Do you offer Meals/Beverages Plans for Wedding Guests staying at The Greenery?

Yes, we offer pre-ordered menus for your guests. You shall contact our banquet manager at info@thegreenery.ph for more details.

Can we enhance or upgrade the packages?

Our three basic packages are just a foundation for you to begin creating your dream wedding. We encourage you to start with one of these packages and work with our banquet manager to make it your own. We offer a variety of additional services to enhance and personalize the occasion to suit your style.  Our banquet manager and your wedding coordinator can assist you in detailing your needs.

Does The Greenery have a chapel?

None, all of our ceremony locations are outdoors and indoors. We are also able to transform our ballrooms and convention space to the venue of your dreams.

However, there’s a nearby Catholic Church  (Mt. Carmel Church), 2 minutes away from The Greenery.

Exactly how much time do I have at my ceremony site?

We allot 2 hours for your ceremonial rites.

Exactly how much time do I have at my venue site?

You have 4 hours for your banquet and the succeeding hours will be Php 2,000/hour.

What if it rains?

In the event of an unforeseen weather disturbance, you will be notified early on by our staff to move your venue to an indoor set up. Your outdoor setup will be moved to the grand ballroom and there will be an additional charge of Php 20,000.

Can we provide our own minister?

Couples should provide their own minister for their ceremony.

Are there minimum requirements for a reception?

Grand Ballroom: minimum guests of 250 persons if you get our package.

Lighthouse and Open Garden: 200 persons if you get our package.

Can we bring our own catering apart from The Greenery catering?

We only allow our accredited caterers: Juan Carlo, Josiah’s, Hizon’s, Auffrance, Better-Pan, K. by Cunanan, Queensland, Swan, and La Familia. You can check their official website for inquiry.

Can we only book the venue and not The Greenery catering service?

Yes, you can but you can only get caterers from our accredited partners.

Can we bring our own photographer?

Yes, you can but you have to pay the minimum corkage fee. Contact our banquet manager at info@thegreenery.ph for more details.

What other things do we charge for corkage?

We ask for a minimum corkage fee for the following: lights and sounds, lights only, photography and liquor. To know more about the details, please contact one of our banquet managers.

Do you provide a menu tasting?

Yes, we provide food tasting after you secure your booking and picked The Greenery to cater your event.  Food tasting is usually one(1) month before your wedding. The prepared food will be good for only 3 individuals.

When do we sign our contract?

Signing of the contract will take place will place after you secure 50% down payment three months before your wedding or earlier.

How far in advance do we have to provide the final guest count for a Catered Event?

Usually one(1) week before the wedding.


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