Team Building

Selection Sport Games:

Kayak, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Swimming, Biking,
Chinese Garter, Tumbang Preso, Limbo Rock, Touch Ball, House Guard Game (Moro-Moro), Pinoy Henyo, Tug of War, Air Lock, All Aboard, Make Me Up, Sack Wheel Race, Unity Pinoy Relay, Grouping Game, Obstacle Course

Team Building Package

Day Tour: 8am-5pm Only


    • Choice of 3 Meals
    • 4 Games
    • 1 Obstacle Course
    • Use of Swimming Pool
    • Use of Space for Outdoor Activities
    • Food to Serve Buffet Style
    • Basic Sound System
    • Games Materials and Facilitator

Note: additional fee for every game on top of the 4 games included in the package

**For overnight, please contact us

Corporate Rooms

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